German Bilateral Donors 


The main important bilateral donors by volume are the USA, France, Germany and Great Britain who dedicated in 2009 more than US$ 64 billion or around 54% of the funds of all bilateral donors to development cooperation.

All bilateral donors agreed to spend 0,7% of their Gross National Income for development cooperation. However, this goal is reached only by very few countries. For example, in 2009the USA only dedicated the share of 0,2% of its GNI to development cooperation. Great Britain provided 0,52%, Germany 0,35, and France 0,46%. Only the Scandinavian countries Denmark, Sweden and Norway, and the Netherlands and Luxemburg provided more than 0,7% of their GNI. Sweden ranks top with 1,12%.

The bilateral donors differ quite strongly in their scope, volume and regional focus of their development cooperation. Profiles of single bilateral donors of the DAC have been prepared in order to provide an overview over their specific activities.